Candidate Statement

am running for Riverside County Board of Supervisors because I want to improve the quality of life for my family and yours. My diverse scope of professional experience, coupled with my heartfelt passion for public service, makes me uniquely qualified for the position. Twenty-five years ago, my husband and I chose to build our lives in Riverside. We rooted into the community, invested in a home, and raised two children. After graduating from California Baptist University with a political science degree, I worked part-time as an American government professor. This allowed me to develop valuable work experience while being an involved parent. Eventually, I pursued a long-held ambition to join law enforcement and was hired by the Sheriff’s Department. This combination of experience, along with my strong work ethic, will ensure that I represent your best interest. Riverside County’s most pressing issues, including traffic congestion, homelessness, and crime, are directly impacted by education and law enforcement, areas which I have extensive knowledge. My background equips me with a real-life understanding of issues facing the County and skills to effectively problem solve. I will utilize this diverse spectrum of experience to improve the quality of life in Riverside County. 

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